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10 Fall Flowers to Enhance Your Garden

Fall is synonymous with warmth, coziness, changing leaves, and a delightful chill in the air. It's the perfect time to incorporate some lovely seasonal flowers into your garden.

  • Fall Flowers

Fall blooms add pops of color against the backdrop of fading foliage and carry the garden through a seamless seasonal transition. Here are 10 fall flowers that will easily uplift your outdoor space.

1. Chrysanthemums

Also known as mums, chrysanthemums come in various colors like whites, yellows, purples, reds, and oranges. Their petals create interesting layers adding volume. You can grow chrysanthemums as border plants or use them for fall arrangements. They bloom from late summer through the first frost and are affordable.

2. Asters

Asters come in a variety of colors like purple, pink, red, and white. They resemble small daisies and add a dash of color among other fall blooms. Grow them in masses to make a colorful display or accent your bouquets. They flower from late summer to early fall until the first frost.

3. Japanese Anemones

Not only do Japanese anemones (anemone hupehensis) look beautiful, but their petals also come in vibrant shades of pink, red, and white. They grow on long stems that rise above foliage making an outstanding addition near pathways. Deadhead them to encourage more blooms until the first frost.

4. Sedums

Sedums come in various hues, forms, and textures making them a versatile plant for the fall garden. Some popular varieties are Autumn Joy with reddish-pink blooms and Pink Carpet with pink flowers. Not only are sedums colorful, but they are also deer-resistant and drought-tolerant once established.

5. Dahlias

Dahlias come in a wide array of colors, from solid hues to bi-colors and uniquely patterned blooms. Grow them in borders, beds, or containers to add elegance. They bloom until the first hard frost. Cut flower stems and enjoy them indoors too. Dahlias require staking for support.

6. Snapdragon

While snapdragons usually bloom in late spring to early summer, some varieties like Liberty Series will keep blooming into fall. Their unique flower spikes add whimsy alongside other fall blooms. Grow them in borders, and containers or cut some for bouquets.

7. Calendula

Common name pot marigold, calendula blooms cheerful orange, yellow, or gold flowers throughout fall. They thrive in sunny locations and tolerate cooler weather. Use them to add color among other blooms or harvest to dry for crafts and potpourri.

8. Cosmos

With flowers resembling daisies, cosmos bloom profusely in shades of pinks, whites, and reds until first frost. Grow them alongside borders, among shrubs, or among flowers like zinnias and marigolds for complimentary colors. They also make lovely cut flowers and are available for florist Westcliff.

9. Helenium

Helenium or sneezeweed has daisy-like yellow, copper, burgundy, or rose-colored blooms. Also called Helenium autumnale, it blooms from late summer to fall. Use them behind other fall blooms for added depth and texture. They prefer partial shade and average soil.

10. Ornamental Cabbage and Kale

Bred not for eating but for ornamental use, they come in intriguing forms, colors, and textures. Some varieties to try are Red Russian kale with ruffled deep green and burgundy leaves and Painted Frills cabbage with lime green crinkled edges. Use them as accent plants or harvest for bouquets.

The Conclusion

Many of these flowers from the list also make lovely cut flowers. If you need any of these flowers or curated fall arrangements delivered, order flower delivery in Salisbury NC from Happy Bee Florist LLC. Our expert local florists can create personalized floral designs for your home, office, or as gifts. or simply soak in the beauty of nature this season by growing your own fall blooms!

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