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Long-Lasting Blooms for Dad: Selecting Flowers That Endure Beyond the Day

Discover long-lasting flowers that make perfect gifts for Dad, ensuring he enjoys beautiful blooms well beyond the special day. Choose from our selection of enduring flowers for a memorable and lasting impression.

  • Fathers Day Flowers

If you want to give your dad or grandpa flowers for Father's Day but don't want them to wilt after just a couple of days, check out these pretty as well as tough types of flowers that will last longer than most bouquets. Picking blooms from a local Salisbury florist that hold up well means Dad can enjoy them for a full week or even longer- so choose accordingly.


Carnations come in lots of bright colors like red, pink, and white. They have a really nice scent too along with Father's Day flower meanings like gratitude for life and protection from evil spirits. Carnations often last for over a week if you take good care of them. Make sure to cut the ends off the stems at an angle before putting them in water. Also, change out the water every day. Doing this will help the carnations last the longest time possible.


Lilies are so beautiful with their big blossoms that they can make even your dad blush with delight. They come in colors like orange, white, and pink. Lilies have a wonderful fragrance and to enjoy this scent, you have to take proper measures. If taken care of properly, lilies can go for two weeks or longer. Just like carnations, you just have to cut the ends off the stems at an angle and change the water daily. With the right conditions, lilies keep on looking fresh.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are so colorful and cheerful and yes undoubtedly one of the best flowers for Father's Day. Their petals come in shades of red, orange, pink, yellow, and more. These daisies will often stay perky for 10 days or more. The trick is to cut the stems under running water. This seals the ends so the flowers can take up water. Gerbera daisies just keep getting better as time passes.


There's nothing quite like a bunch of tulips in full bloom. These flowers for Father's Day are an amazing option that comes in vibrant colors like red, yellow, purple, and more. Tulips can last for 10 days or even two weeks if cared for right. Make sure to remove any foliage from being in the water. Also, change the water every other day. With the proper TLC, tulips will stay standing tall.


For a gift that says "summer" these sunny sunflowers are a great pick from a nearby China Grove florist. Their huge yellow heads have a happy vibe. Sunflowers can go for 2-3 weeks easily. Just trim about an inch off the stem ends before arranging. And refresh their water regularly. Sunflowers retain their cheeriness for a good long while.


Roses have such beauty and romance which is why they're such popular floral choices. The classic red rose is always a wonderful gesture- agree or not? But roses also come in shades like yellow, pink, and coral. When cared for right, roses will endure beautifully for 10-14 days or more. Be sure to cut a half inch or more off the stem ends under water before putting it in a vase. And change the water every other day. Roses maintain their lushness with TLC.


Orchids may seem delicate but they can go the distance with proper care after the Father's Day flower delivery. Their exotic blooms come in a wide array. From pink to white to red, there's an orchid color for any taste. When correctly cared for, orchids will bloom for 4-6 weeks or longer. Place them where they receive good light. Refresh their water weekly and fertilize monthly. With patience, orchids prolong their prettiness.

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